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Summer 2016

It's already July and the peaches are ripe! We have them available in our on-farm store as well as at the Goshen Market on Saturday mornings. Very delicious and tasty, since Mother Nature ripened them on our trees.

We have some new little friends to visit with: two young geese and some cute little bunnies. And our old friends are still there - even Porkchop the pig!

We should have our new calendar up soon. We are working to add more family friendly activities and events. And we are always striving to improve our facility. We stay active all winter and spring.

We are selling our delicious pies and other goodies on Saturday mornings at the Land of Goshen Community Market in Edwardsville.  We certainly hope you can come visit us there, as well as check out all the other wonderful local vendors who participate.

As you may already know, our iconic red apple barn (the main building) was completely destroyed by fire on May 4, 2014. Our market, bakery, cider operation, wreath making equipment, coolers, walk-in freezer (which contained hundreds of gallons of cider and many apple pies worth of filling), and countless other items were totally lost. With over thirty years in business, we had accumulated a lot of stuff, and guess where it was stored.

We intend to rebuild.  We want to make it better. We want to do it right. In the interim, we will have temporary operations in place in order to continue to do business. Please bear with us during this season.

Just a note: the parking is free, the play area is free, the wagon ride is free, and the country ambiance is free.  We are family owned and operated; our bakery goods are hand made on-site and our apples aren't always as pretty as the store bought varieties - but they usually taste better.  We aren't a big operation, but we put a lot of heart into making you feel at home.  So take a break from reality, put down your iPhone, "Come visit us!"


Orchard Update

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Our normal season starts sometime in July
and runs until noon on December 24th...

Tuesday - Sunday  9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Closed on Mondays

Open on Labor Day and Columbus Day